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Grand Entry Experiences: A Memorable Start to Your Celebrations

At BookAnEvent, we offer a diverse range of grand entry experiences that add a touch of magic and splendor to any occasion. Whether it's a special celebration for couples, an enchanting entry for kids, or any joyful gathering, our unique entry items will make your event truly extraordinary.

1. Ratham (Chariot) Entry:

Make a majestic entrance like royalty with our beautifully adorned Ratham (Chariot). This grand carriage offers an opulent and regal experience, creating an aura of grandeur as you arrive at your celebration.

2. Hamsa Ratham (Swan Chariot):

Symbolize grace and elegance with our Hamsa Ratham (Swan Chariot). Glide into your event with style as the exquisite design of the swan chariot leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

3. Remote-Controlled Ratham:

Add a touch of modernity to your traditional entry with our Remote-Controlled Ratham. Drive in with finesse and excitement as you maneuver the chariot remotely, making your entry truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Pallaki (Palanquin) Entry:

Indulge in the charm of the past with our enchanting Pallaki (Palanquin) Entry. Be carried on a beautifully decorated palanquin by our experienced bearers, creating a picture-perfect moment for your celebration.

5. Customized Pallakies:

Express your individuality with our array of customized Pallakies. From vintage-themed to contemporary designs, we tailor these palanquins to match your preferences and complement the theme of your event.

6. Fun-Filled Kids' Entry:

For the little stars of your event, we create a fun-filled Kids' Entry experience. From adorable mini chariots to themed carriages, our delightful entries will leave the children in awe and excitement.

Personalized Touch:

At BookAnEvent, we understand that every celebration is unique. Our team works closely with you to tailor each grand entry experience to reflect your style, preferences, and the essence of the occasion.

Contact Us:

Elevate your celebrations with our grand entry experiences. Whether it's for couples, kids, or any joyous gathering, our entry items like Ratham, Hamsa Ratham, Remote Ratham, and Pallakies will add a touch of enchantment to your event. Reach us at +91 75697 55529 or +91 90107 55959 to discuss your requirements and create cherished memories with BookAnEvent's grand entries.

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